A FEATURE LENGTH DOCUMENTARY One of the Miracles:  The Inge Meyring Smith Story

From German Holocaust survivor to American Civil Rights early-education pioneer, the life that Hitler sought to destroy became the light of learning for thousands of children.

One of the Miracles: The Inge Meyring Smith Story
a Clay Stafford / American Blackguard production
a Clay Stafford film

  • Official Utopia Film Festival SelectionOfficial Selection at the Utopia Film Festival in Washington, D.C.
  • MarshaBlackburn_quoteU.S. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn was compelled to mention in the 113th U.S. Congressional Record it is "A great work, especially worthy of remembering."
  • KUAMTV_quotePraise from KUAM-TV, Dedeo, Guam
  • WGCLTV_quotePraise from WGCL-TV (CBS), Atlanta, GA
  • KPHOTV_quotePraise from KPHO-TV (CBS), Phoenix, AZ
  • KSTCTV_quotePraise from KSTC-TV, Saint Paul, MN
  • WOIOTV_quotePraise from WOIO-TV (CBS), Cleveland, OH
  • KPTVTV_quotePraise from KPTV-TV (Fox), Portland, OR
  • KFMBFM_quotePraise from KFMB-FM (Jack FM), San Diego, CA
  • Glen_Casada_quotePraise from Glen Casada, Tennessee State Representative
  • WAKMRadio_quotePraise from Tom Lawrence of WAKM Radio, Franklin, TN
  • One of the Miracles Williamson Herald praiseKerri Bartlett of the Williamson Herald called it "Harrowing"
  • One of the Miracles Tennessean praiseMaria Giordano of the Tennessean declared it "Miraculous. A life that would influence thousands of children for years to come."
  • WFSBTV_quotePraise from WFSB-TV, Hartford, CT
  • WXIXTV_quotePraise from WXIX-TV (Fox), Cincinnati, OH
  • KVVUTV_quotePraise from KVVU-TV (Fox), Henderson, NV
  • KWTVTV_quotePraise from KWTV-TV (CBS), Oklahoma City, OK
  • Albany_TimesUnionThe Albany (NY) Times Union wrote "One of the Miracles: The Inge Meyring Smith Story" is a "Mesmerizing true life story."
  • WRICTV_quotePraise from WRIC-TV (ABC), Richmond, VA
  • One of the Miracles Ken Moore praisePraise from Ken Moore, Mayor of Franklin, TN
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